April 16, 2021

Biggest threat for the oceans

Oceans are carbon sinks of the planet (Dr Sylvia Earle) , fish carbon stabilises our climate ( UN environment). 93% of all world’s ocean is stored in the ocean. Marine plans are absorbing x20 more carbon than trees. loosing 1% of this echo systems is equivalent to releasing the emissions of 97 millions cars.

90% of coral reefs will dye by 2050, hidden fish keeping coral reefs alive with their excrements. ecosystem on coral reefs are based on recycling

Georges Monbiot- fish industry is destroying the planet

Mass killing fish industry 2.7 trillions fish killed per year up to 5 million killed per minute-

Empty oceans in 2048

Understanding how interconnected each species are with each other, the role they play in maintaining the chemistry of the ocean. The power of the fishes mixing up and down in the oceans in term of power is greater than the tides, the winds and the currents in the seas combined. ocean s are absorbing excess heat ( New York Times). They creates a powerful down welling of the warmer surface waters with the cold waters below

More than fishing , is the bycatch

Fishing is an industry with $35 billions subsidies ( world hunger is $30 billions)

Fish can feel pains like us